Keeping Restaurant Waste Under Control

Every restaurant owner constantly faces significant management issues. To stay profitable, it’s always important to keep all types of costs under control. That means avoiding overspending on advertising and minimizing staffing costs, but it also means carefully controlling the restaurant’s inventory. In just about every case, poor restaurant inventory management will result in lost profits and, possibly, going out of business. However, there are steps every restaurant owner can take to minimize waste.

Monitor Everything

Industry experts suggest developing a plan to carefully monitor everything moving through the restaurant. Keeping waste to a minimum is absolutely essential for controlling costs. While there will always be some level of spoilage in any restaurant, owners must explore strategies to eliminate as much spoilage as possible. In some cases, that might mean ordering less and insisting on more frequent deliveries. Since this will require the cooperation of suppliers, changing ordering patterns may also require exploring the use of alternative suppliers.

In addition to food products, it’s also important to control waste in other areas of the restaurant. Even basic supplies like placemats and napkins can be costing more than necessary. While it’s not generally a good idea to cut back too much in any one area, it is simply good business to be proactive in eliminating needless expenses anywhere in the facility.

Deal With Shrinkage Quickly

Theft is always a problem, and any types of shrinkage should be dealt with quickly and decisively. Far too many restaurant owners discover expensive supplies are disappearing when they start monitoring all goods on a regular basis. If a restaurant’s food or other supplies are disappearing, it’s vitally important the causes of the shrinkage be removed immediately. Expensive meats are especially tempting for some staff members, and the cost of missing steaks or other cuts quickly adds up.

Make Controlling Waste a Company Mission

One of the best ways to combat waste is to get the support of staff members. In some cases, it makes sense to offer some type of reward for staff members who identify waste issues and suggest workable ways to reduce that waste. If your current inventory management plans are not working, now is the time to explore new and innovative ways to control expenses. If you’re unsure how to implement loss prevention initiatives, consider asking experts for advice. Doing so may involve minor costs, but those expenses are dwarfed by the potential costs of doing nothing.


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